“Help, I don’t know what’s my tax number” Here’s what you do..

We receive a lot of queries from taxpayers asking us what their tax number is. And it is understandable. You use it perhaps once a year, and it isn’t a number that you can remember easily. We can’t help with this, unless you’re a client of ours. But here is the solution if you’re not.
Firstly, look on your IRP5. It is also referred to as an income tax reference number, or tax reference number. Ask your employer, or enquire with your employer’s accountants.
Otherwise, what I usually do when I look for old info is search my email inbox for terms associated with what I’m looking for. So try searching for words like tax, irp5, sars, IT, e-filing,  etc.

Your tax number could also be reflected on your medical, retirement annuity, or pension certificates.

It might be reflecting on your payslip as well. Search your email for this too, if your employer, like many employers these days, email payslips to employees.

If you have tried all of the above, and still can’t find your tax number,you need to call SARS at 0800 007 277. Its a free call from a landline. They ask you personal details like your name, ID number, addresses, contact details, etc. This is all to verify that are in fact who you say you are, and are authorised to obtain this information.
If you still can’t obtain your tax number, you need to, as a last resort, go into a SARS branch and request it from the SARS consultants. Remember you need your ID, drivers licence, or passport when going into a SARS branch.