We are tempted to use the catch-phrase “We do tax, you do life”.  Because, well, that is precisely what we do.

We have dedicated this site to the personal income tax. SARS statistics released earlier in the year stated that individuals contribute 30-40% towards the total tax they collect for South Africa. It seems only fitting that at least one website should be dedicated to this.

Our team of accountants are fully degreed and qualified to attend to any tax query you have.  We dedicated to helping the little guy strut his stuff like a big guy.

It was Morgan Stanley who famously said, “You must pay taxes. But there’s no law that says you gotta leave a tip.”.   That’s the general philosophy we have.

We pride ourselves on helping our clients avoid tax. Legally pay less tax. Most taxpayers don’t realise what
a large amount of tax they pay. Take this as an example, a person who earned a million rand during the
2013 tax year, paid about R300 000 in taxes to SARS.

The average taxpayer would accept that and carry on living life. The smarter taxpayer would consult an
accountant and deduct as many deductions as SARS legally allows. The same R300k could legally be reduced
to between R200 and R250 000. That is real money, in your pocket. That is the SARS refund everybody
talks about.

So, if you value your financial freedom and would like us to have a look at how your tax burden can be
eased, click on the Contact us button below.

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