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You have to do the research. If you don’t know about something, then you ask the right people who do.

Spike Lee
Interested in buying a property, but don’t know what it’s worth or who the owners are? We can assist.
For R95, you can get a report like the one below on any property in South Africa. All we require is the property address. We do the street to erf conversion for you. Turnaround time for us to provide you with your report is maximum 24 hours.
The document lists the following details:
  • Erf number of property,
  • Name of owner/ owners,
  • If owner is a company, the company number,
  • If owner is a natural person, the ID number,
  • Date the property was last sold,
  • What price the property was last sold for,
  • Whether the property has bonds/ mortgages registered over it,
  • List of previous owners of the property’s names.
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*Please note that location, ID number, Company names & numbers, Surnames have been removed for privacy purposes in the example below. Your copy will have all these details listed.

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